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The My Vision of Life Web site is for clients.
They can do the Values Exercise, and create and quantify their vision of life. They cannot enter their Financial starting point such as investment portfolios, rental properties, and retirement plans. The site will save you time in the first step of the Life-Planning Process.

You can also use the site for marketing your Life Planning services.
We suggest that you arrange a webinar with a client or prospect, pre-register him or her on the site, and pre-complete the About page. This will save time. We also recommend that you create a “demo” client for “on-the-fly” webinars.

For a suggested webinar script, click here.

For instructions on how to use the Mikogo webinar software, click here.

To visit the Web site, click here.

Advisor Feedback

“I walked a client through using Mikogo, which went well, and showed her how to enter her vision. She found the site easy to use. She even involved her husband, who is never engaged. I was not expecting anything beyond their vision - we had booked a time to go through the numbers together as she is not a numbers person at all. But they were so inspired that they jumped way ahead of themselves and attempted to fill in the numbers for their goals.” Wendy White,
Sterling Mutuals Inc.

"I've had a 'virtual' meeting with three clients now and we're progressing very nicely. Next week, I have 'webinars' with three more clients and have two more waiting in the wings. This means that, for most of the life planning sessions, my clients and I can remain at home, yet accomplish the same results without the hassle of travel and time lost. It also means that I can move to the Wasaga area and still do business without missing a beat! Thanks ever so much. The webinars are a real benefit!" Ivan Wismayer,
Lakeshore Financial

Today, I used MyVisionOfLife with a client from Saudi Arabia! We had a great “Values and Vision” session and got through the exercise completely. She understands what data she needs to gather. Also, she can play with her vision and make changes. Everybody's happy. I love that I can do life planning across the world. By the way, we set up a PayPal button and she has paid in advance for the first instalment. It's all really coming along. Thanks again for all your support. Aileen Miga,
Inspired Wealth Financial Inc.


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