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Ideal Planning Candidates

How can you tell before you begin the planning process with candidates (clients and prospects), if they will become engaged in it? Advisors primarily use wealth as a means of "screening" for "ideal" planning candidates. But wealth should not be the sole screening criterion, especially because of inherited wealth. The financial attitudes of Accountability, Participation, and Learning provide important insights.

Engaging Candidates

Here's how we suggest that you market life planning.

Imagine you are talking with a pharmacist (doctor, dentist, lawyer, business owner...). You make three statements and ask a simple question: "At some point, you decided to become a pharmacist. When you made that decision, you did what you needed to do. I know this because today you are a pharmacist. Are you equally as clear about your lifestyle wants and are you acting effectively to achieve them?"

As clients reflect on the question, explain that this is the purpose of life planning: To help them clarify their vision of life and discover how to achieve that vision.

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