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What’s New?
October 3, 2019
  • Version 2019.5a released on October 3.
  • Presentation Builder % Option:  For VW Type>Table / Graph and Based on Report>Estate Value a % option has been added. 
  • RA / REA Plans:  The Report>Vision>Goals table now includes all home, lifestyle, and family expenses. Exceptions are irregular capital expenditures such as for vehicles and art, antiques, etc., plus education expenses for children. That is, the table now includes all year-in-and-year-out expenses.
  • Capital Gains Liability Table:  The report now has a table that displays the capital gains liability by asset and by year. See the Reducing Income Taxes> Capital Gains Liability sub-section. To calculate the liability, VisionWorks calculates and applies the marginal tax rate each year of the plan on an "if sold" basis.
  • CorpWorks>Assets>Other Assets>Priv. Co. Shares:  This new entry enables you to add minor share ownership entries in other private company shares.
  •  VW, CW, TW:  Miscellaneous minor fixes.

September 5, 2019
  • Version 2019.5 released on September 5.
  • Presentations:  Re-located to the Menu Bar, select it to run a PowerPoint presentation, work interactively in "Real Time" mode, or use the new Word document feature. 
  • Word Documents:  Presentations now has a Word tab. There is an add-in that enables you to easily brand documents.
  • PowerPoint Presentations:  Enhanced "2019" versions have been added. There is now an add-in that enables you to easily brand presentations.
  • Presentation Builder:  The PowerPoint tab has been re-labelled PowerPoint/Word. They use the same "tags." For Report Types, many new reports have been added.
  • Interface Style:  Now on the Menu Bar, select it to switch between the Financial and Life Planning interfaces.
  • VW:  The AB non-eligible dividend tax credit rate has been updated. For the portfolio management fees $ option, fees are no longer charged if a portfolio's value is $100 or less. For a student loan, you can now enter a loan date different from the initial payment date.
  •  VW, CW, TW:  Miscellaneous minor fixes.

July 31, 2019
  • Version 2019.4b released on July 31.
  • VW / CW / TW:  Miscellaneous minor fixes.

July 23, 2019
  • Version 2019.4a released on July 23.
  • New "Modern" Interface:  Advisors who use multiple monitors and / or have their Display settings set to greater than 100% were experiencing display issues. These have been fixed. 
  • VW>Tactics Tab>Withdrawals Sub-Tab:  RRSPs are listed in both the Pre- and Post-Retirement tables. If an RRSP is selected in one or both tables, the RRSP Withdrawals and RRIF/LIF/LRIF Withdrawals auto withdrawals functions are now separate.

July 10, 2019
  • Version 2019.4 released on July 10.
  • New "Modern" Interface:  The layout of VW, CW, and TW remain unchanged. Controls such as the Save button have been updated to a more modern look.
  • Menu Bar>Options>Size:  For VW, CW, and TW size options have been added for 137.5% and 150%.
  • Menu Bar>Colour Scheme:  For VW, CW, and TW you can select from five main colour schemes. You can change the colour of the Navigation pane and icon background to match corporate colours.
  • Updates:  To OAS and GIS rates, the Fundata fund and ETF data, the FP Canada portfolios in Portfolio Builder on the Basic tab, and the default inflation assumption (to 2.1%).
  • VW, CW, TW>Vehicles:  A small change in the tree view to provide greater control for the Include / Exclude feature.
  • VW, CW, and TW>Portfolio Management Fees:  For transparency there is now a Management Fees category (Net Cash>Uses> Management Fees).
  • Presentation Builder>Text Blocks / Tables/Graphs Tab:  Under Text Blocks you now can set the "body" text colour.
  • VW and CW>NU and PE Taxes:  Updated due to recent budgets.
  • VW>OAS and CPP/QPP Start Ages:  You may set the Start Age to any date. For OAS, the earliest age is the client’s age of 65 plus one month. For CPP/QPP it is age 60 plus one month.
  • VW>Show Output Until Year:  This field has been added to the About page for Principal Parties and Solutions page>Solutions tab so that you can hide final year output (“estate noise”).
  • VW>Tactics Tab>Taxes Sub-Tab:  CPP/QPP sharing is now based on the number of months spouses or common-law partners lived together during their joint contributory period. Make sure that you complete the From field on the About page.
  • VW> Solutions Page>Insurance Tab:  Now, when you select the Insurance tab, you must select a sub-tab such as Disability for its data to load. That is, the Life data does not automatically load.
  • VW>Trust Capital Interests:  The value is included in Net Worth and Income Assets output, and in the sub-sections of the report.
  • CW:  For a Life, DI, or CI calculation in CW, you can now select the Dividends tab and do an Auto Withdrawals calculation. Select the Life, DI, or CI solution in VW and do the auto withdrawals calculation. On import into VW, the dividends are imported into the Life, DI, or CI insurance sub-solution.
  • CW and TW:  For those years when auto withdrawals are applied, the rows in the Dividends tables are disabled (displayed in grey).

May 7, 2019
  • Version 2019.3 released on May 7.
  • VW: Taxes:  For NB, ON, MB, and SK, the Climate Action Incentive refundable tax credit has been added. For ON, the CARE (Childcare Access and Relief from Expenses) refundable tax credit has been added.
  • VW: CPP/QPP:  The benefit calculations have been updated, based on the new rules.
  • VW: CCB: Update to the CCB benefit and net family income levels.
  • VW: ON Estate Administration Taxes (Probate Fees): The 0.5% rate no longer applies to estates worth $50,000 or less.
  • VW: Tactics Tab>Withdrawals Sub-Tab:  The OAS Clawback and Tax Bracket features have been combined into a single table.
  • CW/ Provincial Budgets:  ON and NB will not apply the federal passive income rules. Minor changes to NB and PE taxes, plus NS added a Venture Capital tax credit.
  • VW/CW/TW: Mutual Funds/ETF Update: The CIFSC categories now include five Alternative Strategy categories in a new Alternative Strategies group.

March 20, 2019
  • Version 2019.2 released on March 20.
  • My Vision of Life (MVOL):  Notes and Changes were added.
  • March 19, 2019 Budget:  The RRSP>HBP maximum loan has been increased from $25,000 to $35,000.
  • VW / CW: Settings Page>Gov’t Benefits Rate:  This new field allows you to set an indexation rate for governments benefits such as CPP / QPP that is different from the general inflation assumption.
  • VW: TFSAs>ESPPs: You may now model an ESPP (employee profit sharing plan) in a TFSA.
  • VW: RRSP / RRIF>Transfer to a RDSP:  For a RRSP / RRIF and a contingent beneficiary who is disabled, the Transfer option is now enabled. You may transfer the RRSP / RRIF to the beneficiary’s RDSP.
  • VW / CW/ TW: Life Insurance Policies>CSV Panel:  A Previous Year-End CSV field has been added. For an existing policy, it populates the current Net Worth or Equity statement in the report.
  • VW / CW / TW: Quarterly Update: To mutual fund data.

January 17, 2019
  • Version 2019.1 released on January 17.
  • VisionWorks: Annual updates to federal / provincial income taxes (including the ON LIFT credit), pension rules, RDSP income levels, the YMPE for CPP / QPP, and inflation, $CDN / U.S., and real estate rates. Quarterly updates to OAS and GIS benefits, and mutual fund data.
  • CorpWorks:  Annual updates to CPP contributions, EI premiums, and inflation, $CDN / U.S., and real estate rates. Income taxes are not updated. As of the release date, 2019 tax forms are not yet available.
  • TrustWorks:  Annual updates to federal / provincial income taxes, and inflation, $CDN / U.S., and real estate rates.
  • Portfolio Builder:  Annual update to historical investment returns.

December 11, 2018
  • Version 2018.5f released on December 11.
  • Enhanced Generation Planning:  Previously, you could enter one action for an asset: Keep, Sell, Give, Donate, or Transfer to Trust. You can now enter multiple actions for an asset. For example, you can model Bill Sr. giving his cottage to Bill, who in turn sells it, transfers it to Bill Jr. by way of his Will, or gives it to Bill Jr. At each step, VisionWorks calculates the income tax implications, re-sets the ACB of the asset, etc.
  • Presentation Builder>Total Map:  You can now create a tag for a Total Map (includes the family tree, and CW and TW maps). On the PowerPoint® tab, use the Tree / Map>Total Map option.
  • CorpWorks:  Miscellaneous fixes such as to the taxation of interest paid on corporate debt and the income received on the redemption of shares.
November 14, 2018
  • The all-new "for clients" My Vision of Life Web site will be released soon!
  • Version 2018.5e released on November 14.
  • VisionWorks:  Fixes to Monte Carlo simulations. Also, when running PowerPoint presentations a fix to the VW family tree and CW / TW  maps, due to Windows meta file issues.
  • CorpWorks:  Miscellaneous fixes such as to the Tactics tab> Withdrawals sub-tab function.
  • TrustWorks:  When a portfolio in VW is transferred to a trust in TW, any related management fee entries itemized in VW are now also transferred. Miscellaneous fixes such as to the Tactics tab> Withdrawals sub-tab function.
November 1, 2018
  • Version 2018.5d released on November 1.
  • Quarterly Update:  To OAS and GIS rates, and the Fundata data in Portfolio Builder.
  • Total Map:  For a VW file that is linked to a CW and / or TW file, there is now a Total Map on the About page and in the report.
  • Primary Account:  To more accurately simulate a ManulifeOne type of account, you can now enter a negative balance in the Primary Account and apply an interest charge.
  • Monte Carlo Simulations:  These have been optimized for speed.
October 10, 2018
  • Version 2018.5c released on October 10.
  • VW>Spend All Excess Cash:  Selecting the checkbox overrides the selections on the Tactics>Excess Cash tab, except for cash that is available due to asset sales.
  • VW>Non-Reg. Portfolio Withdrawals:  You may now withdraw portfolio returns such as interest and dividends using a portfolio's Withdrawals panel and use the Tactics>Withdrawals tab to make up any income shortfall.
  • VW>Tactics>Taxes Tab:  The Split Pension Income Amount calculation now considers the effect on any OAS clawback.
  • CW>Capitalization Tab:  For preferred shares previously issued due to an estate freeze, you now can create a preferred shares entry in the Shares table.
  • TW>About Page>Settlors Tab:  For the Loans From Settlor table, a Prepayments button enables the pre-payment of settlor loans.
  • Values / Attitudes PDF Questionnaires:  A fix to the Name field, when the Freeze Form button is clicked.
September 7, 2018
  • Version 2018.5b released on September 7.
  • VW, CW, TW>Power BI Integration:  From Microsoft, Power BI is a data analysis and reporting tool. When printing a spreadsheet, select the new For Power BI option to create a "flat" xlsx file.
  • Tactics>Withdrawals Tab>Post-Retirement Table:  For greater control, a From Age has been added for non-registered portfolios and banking accounts.
  • VisionWorks>Tree View Markers:  Buy/Sell/Give/Donate entries in the tree view that have not been quantified are now marked with a solid blue circle.
  • Fixes:  To the Financial Planning PDF questionnaire. On the Financial Attitudes page to the Print Exercise and File>Print feature. To Estate output, when a Joint non-registered portfolio is used.
August 2, 2018
  • Version 2018.5 released on August 2.
  • Updates:  To OAS / GIS rates, annual CCB amounts, and mutual fund data.
  • Prescribed Annuities:  For VW and CW, there are now Principal and Interest Payments fields.
  • VisionWorks:  The Lifestyle>Donations>Other button now allows you to make ongoing and discrete donations. For BC and SK, an update to the donation tax credit rates. For SK, an update to the ordinary dividend tax credit rate for 2019 and on.
  • CorpWorks>Estate Freeze:  The Tactics>Capital Changes sub-tab>Issue or Redeem / Retract Shares dialog box now has an Issued Previously Due to Estate Freeze option that enables you to model shares issued in the past due to an estate freeze.
  • VW, CW, TW:  Miscellaneous fixes.
May 11, 2018
  • Version 2018.4a released on May 11.
  • Portfolio Builder:  An update to the return assumptions for the FPSC model portfolios.
  • Mutual Fund Data:  An update due to the change in the CIFSC categories.
  • French Version:  An update to the formatting of number, percent, and date fields in printed reports.
  • VW, CW, TW:  Miscellaneous fixes.
April 27, 2018
  • Version 2018.4 released on April 27.
  • VisionWorks and CorpWorks Tax Update:  For the recent PE budget.
  • New CIFSC Categories:  The Canadian Investment Funds Standards Committee has announced the addition of three new categories: CDN Corporate F.I., Global Corporate F.I., and Emerging Markets F.I.
  • Solutions>Tactics Tab>Taxes Sub-Tab:  For the Optimize calculation, a Total Plan Difference field has been added to the Optimize Tax Credits / Pension Splitting dialog box. Some tax tactics may have a positiove tax impact, but the effect on Income Assets in the final year of the plan may be different. You may apply or cancel the calculation, as desired.
  • CorpWorks:  For taxes, an Other>Accrued button has been added that enables you to enter income such as capital gains and donations that occurred earlier in the tax year. There has been a major change in the first year calculation of ERDTOH and NRDTOH.
  • TrustWorks:  For taxes, an Other>Accrued button has been added that is similar to CorpWorks.
April 3, 2018
  • Version 2018.3 released on April 3.
  • Provincial Budgets:  For the recent AB, NS, NF, and YK budgets, there were no changes that apply to VisionWorks, CorpWorks, and TrustsWorks.
  • VisionWorks Tax Update:  For ON, the budget proposes to increase the number of income tax brackets from five to seven and eliminate the surtax. For QC, the budget proposes to increase the childcare expenses tax credit and lower the dividend tax credit rate. 
  • CorpWorks Tax Update:  For ON, the budget proposes to apply the passive investment income rules as per the federal budget. For QC, the small business tax rate will be reduced through 2021.
  • TrustWorks Tax Update:  For ON, the seven income tax brackets have been applied to GREs.

 March 27, 2018 
  • Version 2018.2 released on March 27.
  • CorpWorks:  The new passive investment income and RDTOH rules have been modelled. Because the new T2 and schedules are not available, the new rules have been modelled as follows. To calculate passive investment income in order to adjust the T2, line 425, besides Schedules 6 and 7 there are “adjusted” Schedules 6A and 7A. Adjustments have also been made to Schedule 3 and the T2 to calculate the new NRDTOH and ERDTOH amounts. 
  • VisionWorks: An update to taxes due to the recent federal budget, including the new Canada Workers Benefit for 2019 and on. For BC, an update to the land transfer tax. For MB, an update to the Basic Personal Amount tax credit for 2019 and on. You may now control the colours on the Estate tab for different types of trusts. The federal and provincial non-refundable disability tax credits are now applied when calculating a disability insurance need.
  • Mutual Fund Data: Quarterly update.
January 18, 2018
  • Version 2018.1a: Includes a tax fix to correct the application of federal minimum tax in all cases.
  • Version 2018.1 released on January 18.
  • Annual Updates: To taxes, pension rules, CPP/QPP (VisionWorks, CorpWorks, and TrustWorks). To the inflation, $CDN/U.S., CREA real estate growth rates, and asset class return assumptions.
  • Quarterly Updates: To OAS and GIS benefits, and mutual fund data.
  • Seg. Fund Portfolios: A Beneficiary/Donate/Trusts entry has been added to the tree view.
  • SMAs: In Portfolio Builder, the SMAs Asset Classes dialog box now has a Type list for Cash, Fixed Income, and Equity.
November 29, 2017

  • Version 2017.8 released on November 29.
  • Taxes: The gross-up rate for non-eligible dividends has been reduced to 16% for 2018 and 15% for 2019 (and thereafter). (See CorpWorks.)
  • Taxes>Corporate Dividends>TOSI Rules: To comply with "income sprinkling" rules, on the Tactics tab> Taxes sub-tab select the Apply TOSI checkbox. For children, you can select the Apply TOSI to Age 24 and Apply TOSI After Age 24 checkboxes. (TOSI is tax on split income.)
  • CPP / QPP: This release includes the new contribution rates and benefits that take effect in 2019.
  • TFSAs>GMWBs: You can now model GMWBs in TFSAs.
  • CorpWorks: The reduction in the small business tax rate to 10% in 2018 and 9% in 2019 has been included. Also, you can now change a corporation's year end. All entries adjust. The GIFI 100 and 125 have been enhanced.  
  • TrustWorks: The gross-up rate for non-eligible dividends has been reduced to 16% for 2018 and 15% for 2019 (and thereafter). Joint spousal and common-law partner trusts may be modelled.
November 8, 2017
  • Version 2017.7 released on November 8.
  • OAS Clawback and Tax Bracket Optimization: You may now apply these features AND split pension income.
  • Estate Tab: Details buttons have been added next to fields such as the Assets Named in Will field.
  • Reports>Importing a Spreadsheet: You may now add a Custom Section to a report and import a xls or xlsx file.
  • Reports: Income Assets and the Net Worth Forecast now have stacked area graphs.
  • Quarterly Updates: To OAS / GIS and mutual fund data.  
  • Presentation Builder: Enhancements to Headers/Footers. For PowerPoint tags, there is a new Graphics option.
  • TrustWorks: A Forgive on Death checkbox has been added to the Loan to Beneficiary entry. For Auto Withdrawals, manual entries may now be indexed.
September 21, 2017
  • Version 2017.6a released on September 21.
  • Tax Bracket Optimization: On the Tactics tab>Withdrawals sub-tab, in addition to the OAS Clawback feature there is now a Tax Bracket optimization feature. To meet cash needs, select the Tax Bracket checkbox to withdraw funds from taxable sources such as a RRIF up to the first to fourth taxable income bracket. Funds are then withdrawn from the next non-taxable source in the list such as a TFSA.
September 6, 2017
  • Version 2017.6 released on September 6.
  • Private Feature: Besides party names, user-entered text and account numbers are now masked.
  • Capital Gains Rates: For a Basic portfolio only, you can now vary capital gains rates over time.
  • Exclude OAS: A checkbox has been added to the OAS, CPP/QPP panel in the tree view and on the Retirement tab.
  • OAS Clawback Optimization: A checkbox has been added on the Tactics tab> Withdrawals sub-tab. To meet cash needs, funds are withdrawn from taxable sources only up to the OAS clawback theshold, then funds are withdrawn from non-taxable sources such as a TFSA.
  • Personal Services Business: In CorpWorks, a checkbox has been added to the About page.  
  • Professional Business: A Do Not Include for SBD Purposes checkbox has been added to the Gross Sales panel for a professional business such as a dental practice.
  • Dividends>Clear RDTOH: Eligible and Ordinary Dividends tables have a Clear RDTOH selection in the Entry Type list.
July 14, 2017
  • Version 2017.5c released on July 14.
  • Versions: A new Versions feature protects against overwriting the wrong file on a Restore.
  • Quarterly Update: To OAS and GIS rates, and the Fundata data in Portfolio Builder.
  • Manual RRIF, LIF, and LRIF Withdrawals: The Indexed By feature has been added so that you can index withdrawals.
  • Life Insurance Policies: There is now an ACB entry for Other Term, and all UL and Whole Life policies. A policy loan or CSV redemption is taxable income once a policy's ACB is $0.
  • Report>Appendix>Portfolio Holdings Tables: These new report tables display specific holdings such as mutual funds and ETFS, and their percentage weightings in a portfolio.  
  • CorpWorks>Dividends>Auto Withdrawals: This feature is now available for other parties such as children.
  • TrustWorks>Distributions Tab>QSB Table: Capital gains arising from the sale of QSB shares are now separately tracked so that the LCGE may be applied in VisionWorks.
  • Portfolio Builder>Print Button: You can now print the specifications of a selected portfolio.
June 23, 2017

  • Version 2017.5b released on June 23.
  • Joint Non-Registered Portfolios:  You may now contribute excess cash to and make withdrawals from joint portfolios.
  • NEW Portfolio Allocator Program:  Check your desktop for the "P" icon. Risk tolerance assessments and the resulting asset allocation weightings are intended to be applied on an overall basis to all of a client's portfolios. Portfolio Allocator assists in determining the relative weighting of asset classes for each type of portfolio such as non-registered and RRSPs. 
June 15, 2017

  • Version 2017.5 / 5a released on June 15.
  • Private Feature:  When sending a file to Vision Systems for support, there is now a Private feature. Alphanumeric code replaces party, corporation, and trust names.
  • Excess Cash:  For greater control of excess cash, liabilities and portfolios are now displayed on the Excess Cash tab.
  • Presentation Builder>PPT Tab:  For the Based on Report option, there is now an Investment Policy Statement section. You can add IPS output to a PPT presentation.
  • Shareholder Loans in CorpWorks:  The repayment of loans to a corporation has been added to the Auto Withdrawals feature.
  • PDF Questionnaires:  They are now available for CorpWorks and TrustWorks.
May 24, 2017
  • Patch:  Estate Map values, and for LIF / RRIF withdrawals a fix if the Base on Spouse checkbox is selected. Contact us for a link.
May 2017
  • Version 2017.4 released on May 19.
  • French language version:  A file is fully convertible (except for user-entered text). You can open a file in English and the same file in French. French applies to all client-facing elements such as icon labels, on-screen output, and reports. The PDF questionnaires are available in French.
  • Tax Updates: Due to recent provincial budgets, updates to VisionWorks for MB, ON, NS, and PE, CorpWorks for AB, SK, MB, NS, and YT, and TrustWorks for graduated rate estates (same as in VisionWorks).
April 2017
  • Version 2017.3 released on April 13.
  • For ease-of-use, the Auto Withdrawals Pre-Retirement and Post-Retirement tables are now located on the Tactics tab> Withdrawals sub-tab.
  • For a disabled child for whom you have created an RDSP, the Tactics tab> Withdrawals sub-tab has been enabled and also has the Auto Withdrawals feature.
  • For spreadsheet output, you can now click on the Lifestyle> General Expenses entry to see detailed output. The same functionality is available for home and vehicle expenses.
March 2017
  • Version 2017.2 released on March 14.
  • Parents (seniors) who are added to a plan now have full modelling capabilities such as assets and retirement plans.
  • NEW multi-generation estate planning. The Estate tab now displays output for three generations.
  • For non-registered portfolios, the Withdrawals>Link To list now permits multiple entries.
  • On an asset’s Ownership panel, the owners of assets may be changed over time.
  • For CorpWorks, a Previous Year’s Dividends panel is now displayed when a corporation’s year end is before the current month in the current calendar year.
  • Revisions to the Dividends tab and calculations.
January 2017
  • Version 2017.1 released on January 30.
  • Annual tax update, plus OAS /GIS and CPP/QPP rates.
  • For multi-generation planning, farm and fishing property may be given to a relative or transferred to a corporation.
  • The tax optimization calculation now displays any change in the OAS clawback.
  • For increased retirement-planning flexibility, the age when withdrawals from RRIFs/LIFs/LRIFs begin is now separate from the auto withdrawals begin at age.
December 2016
  • Version 2016.7 released on December 22.
  • A new "3 Cs" report style: All planning is based on converting, creating, and conserving wealth. The new style organizes report output based on this theme and is very client-friendly.
  • RA and REA reports have been substantially enhanced.
  • Report section templates, text templates, and other report options have been re-organized for greater ease-of-use.
  • Tax tactics for tax credits, and splitting CPP/QPP benefits and pension income have been re-organized. A new Optimize feature calculates the transfer and split that will result in the maximum income tax savings.
  • "Automated" report output includes tax and other planning tactics, but only if they apply to a specific plan.
  • A Non-Registered Portfolio Sources and Uses table provides SOY, savings, re-invested income, capital growth, distributed income, capital draws, management fees, and EOY values.
  • The Appendix now has tables for Net Cash Flow, Income Assets, and Net Worth that display output for all years in a plan.
September 2016
  • Version 2016.6 released on September 21.
  • For fee-only planners, there are new management fees features.
  • Enhancements to the reports include Plan Parties> Company and Trust Summary tables (data is imported from CW and TW), a new Overview section, the ability to add photos to the Vision section, and new Emergency Fund Gap and revised Protection Planning Gap sections that use donut graphs to display under funding.
July 2016
  • Cloud-based WorkStation versions now available!
  • Version 2016.5 update released on July 15.
  • New Real Time mode enables you to easily make changes interactively with clients. Real Time is the most effective medium for client learning and decision-making, and saves you time. 
June 2016

  • Version 2016.4a update released on June 24.
  • Provincial budget tax updates for AB, PE, and NL.
  • Enhancements to the new PowerPoint presentations.
  • Cloud-based versions enter final testing.
Automatic PowerPoint® Presentations
  • Presentation Builder released on June 3. Report Settings have been moved to it. There are a considerable number of new report "look-and-feel" design features.
  • Version 2016.4 released on June 3. PowerPoint presentations can now be generated automatically. There are standard templates that you can edit or you can build your own. To learn more, open the VisionWorks menu and play the Presentation Builder videos.
March 2016
  • Version 2016.3 update released on March 24.
  • Tax updates for VisionWorks, CorpWorks, and TrustWorks.
  • VisionWorks includes the new Canada Child Benefit (CCB).
  • For CorpWorks, the small business tax rate remains at 10.5%.
March 2016
  • Version 2016.2 released
  • You can now import portfolios from Ndex
  • Enhancements to additional savings calculations for RA and REA plans
  • Updates to BC and NB taxes due to recent budget changes
  • For net income and taxable income deductions, and federal tax credits you may create as many "other" ongoing or discrete entries as you wish
  • For Net Worth, Income Assets, and Net Cash a stacked bar graph has been added
March 2016
  • Version 2016.1 released
  • Annual tax update (does not include changes due to the recent BC, ON, and NB budgets)
  • Two options for maximum TFSA contributions
  • A partial residence conversion to a rental property may be made
  • Enhancements to the report cover page
  • Revisions to the fillable PDF questionnaires
  • In TrustWorks, changes to the taxation of graduated rate estates (testamentary trusts in the first 36 months) and life interest trusts in the final year as per ITA subsection 104(13.4)
November 2015
  • Version 2 of Portfolio Builder
  • Revisions to the fillable PDF questionnaires
  • Enhancements to Retirement Assessment plans
  • The ability to realize partial capital gains on the transfer of assets at death (past capital losses and lifetime capital gains exemption)
  • A Capital Gains Liability table allows easy viewing of unrealized capital gains and the embedded tax liability
  • New "excess cash" and unused TFSA contribution room and unused RRSP deduction limit features
  • For CorpWorks, new inter-corporate loan features
  • Enhancements to the reports
July 2015
  • Portfolio Builder released
  • Federal Budget update, including to RRIFs and TFSAs
  • All new training videos
  • Revisions to Retirement Assessment plans and the interface
  • Alberta taxes updated
April 2015
  •  Budget update to Alberta income tax
     Enhancements to: Lines of credit, Estate Maps 
March 2015
  • Output now includes average and marginal rate graphs
  •  Report templates now retain images
     Enhancements to: DBP PA calculations, insurance loans 
February 2015
  • Modern Colour Set added and applies to both output and on-screen interaction
  • Report settings now include a footer date option
January 2015
  • Vision Systems training now provides FPSC Certifiable CE Credits
  •  Annual income tax update
     Enhancements to: Mortgage terms panel 
December 2014
  • Summary Reports now include user-defined sections and the ability to move sections
  • RDSPs are now available
  • Estate Maps have been added
  • The ability to compare any two solutions has been added under Reports
  •  Average and marginal tax rates added to net cash
     Enhancements to: PDF Questionnaires, mortgages rates, OAS and GIS 
November 2014
  • User customizable colour sets
  • OAS and GIS rates updated
  • Lines of credit can now be linked to any asset
  • Financial ratios have been added
  •  Cash Uses within the Summary Report now include a comparable tax rate table
     Enhancements to: PDF Questionnaires, mortgages rates, OAS and GIS 
October 2014
  • Fillable and importable PDF forms added for Ideal Planning Candidate Software, and the Values and Vision Exercises
  • Export data from an existing client file in VisionWorks into a questionnaire
  • Reporting for linked CorpWorks and TrustWorks files now produce Corporate Maps and Trust Maps in a VisionWorks printed plan
  •  Cash Uses within the Summary Report now include a comparable tax rate table
     Enhancements to: Simple private company shares, DBPs 
September 2014
  • NEW fillable and importable PDF questionnaires for Retirement Assessments (“How much income do you want in retirement?”), Retirement and Estate Assessments (which integrates the terms of Wills for clients in second marriages / have blended families) and Financial Planning / Life Planning
  • Export data from an existing client file in VisionWorks into a questionnaire
  • Reporting: Two-page Initial Assessment report for Retirement Assessments / Retirement and Estate Assessments
  •  Life insurance needs over time graph and table
     Enhancements to: Data import (OneBoss), Investment allocation, spreadsheet output 
June 2014 
  • User customized report Text Templates added
  • In-Trust For account added
  • Liquidity and Charges to Estate report added
  •  Report production simplified with more easily identified sections and sub-sections
     Enhancements to: RESPs, property conversion 

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