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Vision Systems, an Ontario corporation, is a private corporation that was founded in September 1997.
Its products are VisionWorks™, CorpWorks™, and TrustWorks™. VisionWorks is the only realistic program for personal lifetime financial management and estate planning in Canada. VisionWorks allows users to portray their real-life circumstances and "wants," and explore an unlimited range of lifestyle options and financial-planning tactics. CorpWorks is the only realistic program for corporation planning in Canada. It models corporations, and partnership and joint venture interests. TrustWorks is the only realistic program for personal trust planning in Canada.

Because of its innovative technology, Vision Systems Corp. has received an IRAP grant from the National Research Council Canada, and Scientific Research & Experiment Development (SR&ED) tax credits.

Vision Systems has a highly-experienced management team.

Michael Curtis

Michael is the President of Vision Systems Corp. He has extensive experience in the investment industry. He helped establish the Financial Planning Department at a Canadian brokerage firm in 1984.   He is the author of "Client-Centred Life Planning."

Vision Systems has assembled a team of outstanding professionals in design and development.

Sergey Malahov
Sergey is in charge of VisionWorks. He has worked full-time for Vision Systems since July, 2009. Born in 1984, he has a Bachelors Degree in Technique and Technology (Computer Science) and a Masters Degree in Computer Technologies and Communications (Moscow Power Engineering Institute).
Ludmila Malahova
Luda is in charge of CorpWorks, TrustWorks, and the interface for our software. She has worked full-time for Vision Systems since October 2009. Born in 1983, she attended Smolensk State University, Physical and Mathematical Faculty, and the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Computer Technologies and Communications faculty.
Grigory Zhebrunov
Grigory is in charge of the Vision Systems Corp. and My Vision of Life Web sites. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

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